BCHP 005 - Crucifixions, Resurrections, and Conspiratorial Teeth-pullers

November 18, 2015

Three national holidays - Good Friday, Easter and Tiradentes - in one weekend? What craziness is this? Spend a few minutes learning about Easter in Brazil as well as how a martyr for independence earned the nickname Teeth-puller.


Dia de Tiradentes - national holiday that commemorates the execution of Joaquim José da Silva Xavier, aka Tiradentes.

Joaquim José da Silva Xavier - a member of the Minas Gerais conspiracy, earned the nickname Tiradentes at his trial because he practiced dentistry.

Ouro Preto - a center of the gold rush in the 18th century; today a small city famous for its colonial architecture and Páscoa and Carnaval traditions.

Páscoa - Easter

Semana Santa - Holy Week, the week before Páscoa

Sexta-Feira Santa - Holy Friday (Good Friday)

Minas Gerais Conspiracy - (Inconfidência Mineira in Portuguese), a failed attempt to start a rebellion against the Portuguese crown

Tiradentes - a derogatory term for a dentist, literaly "teethpuller"

Páscoa Photos

Streeted carpeted for Santa Semana in Ouro Preto

Carpeted street in Ouro Preto


Street carpeted for Semana Santa in Ouro Preto

Carpeted street in Ouro Preto


Religious procession in Ouro Preto


Religious procession in Ouro Preto


Chocolate Egg roof in a supermarket


In case you are overwhelmed by the Páscoa products selection, the store has friendly Páscoa Consultants to help!


Street vendors display their Páscoa wares.


The Porto Alegre Fish Fair, which takes place the day before Sexta-Feira Santa. 


There is a LOT of fish for sale.